Lead Through Strengths
Career Q&A: How do you ask someone to mentor you? And find a good fit?

This Episode's Question
I have a question about finding a mentor. I hear consistently that it's an exceptional tool for professional development. I'm not sure where to find one...and if I do find one, how can I make sure they're a good fit?

What You'll Learn
- How to ask a mentor for their time without offending them.

- A way of thinking about mentor "fit" that feels the same way you decide whether a friend fits your style.

- 4 non-mentor relationships that can have mentor-like outcomes for you.

- The secret sauce of a BBF.

- Why offering to buy coffee could cost your mentor $3,000.

- How asking to "pick your brain" could annoy a potential mentor.

- Simple exchanges, requests, and relationship building "asks" that let you build a mentorship without asking them to move into your house during your first conversation.

Tweetable of the Episode
Remember to be a giver with your mentors, not just a taker. You have value they need.

Resource of the Episode
Book: 52 Strategies for Life, Love & Work: Transforming Your Life One Week at a Time by Anne Grady, my BBF.

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