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Career Q&A: Stop consuming training courses - go learn on the job instead

This Episode's Question
Hi. This is Ivy Portwood. My question is: how do I keep learning on the job? And where do I find the most relevant sources of information to contribute to both my current work and my longer-term career aspirations? Thanks. 

What You'll Learn In The Audio
- The two types of skills you should be thinking about. Hint: it's not 100% about technical and functional skills.

- 4 ideas for getting learning opportunities on the job...all without having to change roles or companies. And without having to attend hundreds of training courses.

- How to narrow down your career development steps into a zone you can succeed with.

- There's a theory in the Learning & Development world called 70-20-10. It says that you learn 70% of what you know from on the job experiences. You get about 20% by learning from others. And you get about 10% from formal learning like training courses. So this question is exactly on track with real world learning.

- What's missing from nearly every career development plan I've seen.

- People don't remember what you said. They don't remember what you did. They remember how you made them feel...taking wisdom from Maya Angelou and applying it to the skills you build.

- Why you should always be becoming something you're proud of.

- There‚Äôs so much more to you than the skills you can write on paper. 90% of the career impression you convey has nothing to do with what you actually say with words (Source: John Maxwell). Get beyond your technical skills and impact how the world sees you.

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Looking to develop yourself? It's not just WHAT you know, it's HOW you show up.

Resource of the Episode
Book: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

Book: The EQ Interview: Finding Employees with High Emotional Intelligence 

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