Lead Through Strengths
What to expect from this podcast - what's in it for you?

If you’re tired of schlepping your tired, uninspired-self to the office, you need to take action. In this “what’s in it for you” episode of the Lead Through Strengths podcast, you’ll find out what to expect from us.


This episode is all about sharing with you the vibe of the show, what to expect, and how I got to you as your host.


First, let’s talk about you
Do you do your daily commute, slug into cubicle land, and wonder to yourself why you’re still doing what you’re doing?


If that’s you, you’re in the right place.  You have big ol’ giant dreams …and you have big kid bills and heavy obligations that seem to play against your big goals.


So if you’re still trackin’….big dreams for financial success and happiness at the same time…yet you’re just not there yet, keep on listening because you’re not alone. This is your hub to learn how to discover and apply your unique strengths at work.


The structure of the show
You’ll either get Q&A style where your career questions are answered. Those episodes tend to be around 10 minutes. Other episodes are leader-interviews where people who are using Strengths Based Development at their company share their tips, tricks, and stories with you. Those episodes are 20-30 minutes so that you can still finish an episode during your commute.


You’ll always get a quick action tip in the answer, along with some longer-term stuff to work on.


And why me?
Look, you get to pick whose opinions you consider. I definitely won’t try to talk you into listening to mine. Give it a whirl and see if it’s a fit.


Credibility-wise, I’ve spent 20 years moving through roles in training (or learning and developmentor talent management roles as we call it in corporate), organizational development roles, performance consulting, recruiting and HR. Point is, That part of my experience gives me the ability to share with you the company viewpoint–both what they’re trying to do for you, what they’re looking for, and why.


Then I have marketing experience layered in. That helps me give you a unique viewpoint about how to position yourself, and how to have influential conversations or communications…ones that help them pick you. And ones that work from the employer’s point of view because it’s actually all about them (not you) when you’re trying to land a new gig or get promoted. So that gives you a personal branding angle.


I have also been on the hiring manager side a lot. So I can help you see what’s going on in our minds (or what we’re thinking while making hiring or promotional decisions).  So often, executives or hiring managers seem mysterious. I can demystify that. It’s simpler than you think.


I’m also a Gallup-certified strengths performance coach. I spend a huge amount of my life training, coaching, and speaking on the topic of strengths. It’s all about using your strengths to make you a stronger performer at work. So that’s it–by bringing you both the academic and practical view on things, I can get you tracking. 


I hear people say things like “that’s why they call it work…it’s not supposed to be fun.”  I’m here to poo poo that philosophy.


Instead, why not create yourself a life that makes you want to pinch yourself. Why not create one that makes you say, “dang, this is amazing.  I can’t believe this is my life.”


Why can’t you be one of these people with a wicked, crazy, cool life? Thousands (heck maybe millions of people have done it). So I leave you with one question: Why not you?

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