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Career Q&A: Money versus Happiness - Can One Job Bring Both?

This episode’s question

I’m an artist, and I’ve been in art just about all of my life. My question has to do with getting happier doing what I do. I’m in a company that offers a good 401(k) and a decent salary and standard hours, yet I don’t have any cool projects to work on.


I have friends in markets like L.A. and New York who are working on cool projects in TV, movies, and video games. I have a friend who is an art teacher and she absolutely loves it. I just don’t find myself having the level of happiness that my friends do. I don’t want to move, so I feel kind of stuck.


How do I find happiness at my current work or somewhere else?


What you’ll learn
- Whether money and happiness are mutually exclusive.


- How doing what you love doesn’t promise you money–there’s a little more to it.


- That most people are passionate about more than one thing, and how thinking like Forrest Gump can help your career approach.


- Getting your EKG report in the right direction (and what the heck a Career EKG is).


Resource of the episode
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