Lead Through Strengths
Career Q&A: Networking event strategies - making impressions and making it worth your time

This episode's question

How do I make networking events more effective, make an impression, and spend time with those who will make a difference?

What you'll learn

- Why too many networking event participants look like they belong in Las Vegas.

- How simply being curious and making friends can boost your career.

- How to make yourself more approachable.

- Having a keep-in-touch plan, and executing it with the help of software.

Resources of the episode

Software: Contactly & Promptivate
Book: Dig Your Well  Before You're Thirsty by Harvey MacKay
Training: Smart Networking by Liz Lynch

Tweetable of the episode

Want to make an impression at your next networking event? Be approachable. Smile & wave people into your circle.

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